Section AMF: Descendants of John Soole

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Generation One

1. JOHN1 SOOLE Of Hawkhurst, Kent, England, United Kingdom was born in 1540, was christened in Hawkhurst, and died between 21 June 1566 and 1650 in Hawkhurst. He married in Hawkhurst[3], on 21 June 1565[3], MARIA WHITFIELD of Hawkhurst, who was born in 1544, and died in Hawkhurst. [5]
+2i.THOMAS2 SOOLE of Hawkhurst, b. in 1567; m. on 16 Oct. 1598[2] in Hawkhurst[2] (WG-2) MARY IDDENDEN of Hawkhurst, b. in 1573, d. in Barnstable, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts, United States on 18 Aug. 1656, daughter of (WG-1) John and Christian (MERCER) IDDENDEN.

Generation Two

2. THOMAS2 SOOLE (John1) of Hawkhurst, son of (1) John1 and Maria (WHITFIELD) SOOLE, was born in 1567, was christened in Hawkhurst, and died between 1614 and 1677 in Hawkhurst. He married in Hawkhurst[2], on 16 Oct. 1598[2], (WG-2) MARY IDDENDEN of Hawkhurst, daughter of (WG-1) John and Christian (MERCER) IDDENDEN, who was born in 1573, was christened about 1574 in Hawkhurst, and died on 18 Aug. 1656 in Barnstable. [3, 5]
"probably the son of John and Maria Whitfield Soole..."
(Soole family history, Lib. Mich.)
+3i.SARAH3 SOOLE, bp. on 8 June 1600[2] in Hawkhurst[2]; d. on 18 Aug. 1656[1] in Barnstable; m. on 7 May 1617[2] in Hawkhurst[2] (UQ-11) SAMUEL HINCKLEY, chr. in Harrietsham, Kent[1] on 25 May 1589[1], d. in Barnstable[1] on 31 Oct. 1662[1], son of (UQ-4) Robert and Katherine (_____) HINCKLEY.
4ii.MARY SOOLE, b. on 29 Jan. 1603/4 in Hawkhurst.
5iii.THOMAS SOOLE, b. on 12 May 1605 in Hawkhurst.
6iv.ANNE SOOLE, b. on 30 April 1615 in Hawkhurst.
7v.ANNIE SOULE, b. about April 1615 in Hawkhurst.
8vi.MARY SOOLE, bp. on 8 June 1600 in Hawkhurst.
9vii.ANNE SOULE Of Eckington, Worcestershire, England, b. about 1612.
10viii.ROBERT SOULE Of Eckington, b. about 1608.
11ix.GEORGE SOULE of Eckington, b. about 1597[4]; d. about 22 Jan. 1679/80[4] in Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts[4].
The identification of George Soule as son of John of Eckington is only "tentative".[4]

Generation Three

3. SARAH3 SOOLE (Thomas2, John1), daughter of (2) Thomas2 and (WG-2) Mary (IDDENDEN) SOOLE, was born in 1600, was christened on 8 June 1600[2] in Hawkhurst[2], died on 18 Aug. 1656[1] in Barnstable and was buried on 19 Aug. 1656 in Barnstable. She married in Hawkhurst[2], on 7 May 1617[2], (UQ-11) SAMUEL HINCKLEY, son of (UQ-4) Robert and Katherine (_____) HINCKLEY, who was christened on 25 May 1589[1] in Harrietsham[1], died on 31 Oct. 1662[1] in Barnstable[1], and was buried in Barnstable. [2, 5, 1]
Children: See (UQ-11) Samuel HINCKLEY

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