Section ARM: Descendants of Osbert de Varde

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Generation One

1. OSBERT1 DE VARDE of Givendale, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom was born before 1130[1], and died between 1130 and 1240[1]. [1]
+2i.WILLIAM2 DE VARDE of Givendale, b. before 1150[1]; d. after 1150[1].

Generation Two

2. WILLIAM2 DE VARDE (Osbert1) of Givendale, son of (1) Osbert1 DE VARDE, was born before 1150[1], and died between 1150 and 1260[1]. [1]
+3i.SIMON3 DE VARDE, b. about 1150/1; m. LIVING.

Generation Three

3. SIMON3 DE VARDE (William2, Osbert1), son of (2) William2 DE VARDE, was born between 1063/4 and 1210, and died between 1077/8 and 1320. He married LIVING. [1]
"Founded Escholst Priory the end of the Twelfth Century."[1]
+4i.WILLIAM4 DE VARDE of Givendale, b. about 1200.

Generation Four

4. WILLIAM4 DE VARDE (Simon3, William2, Osbert1) of Givendale, son of (3) Simon3 and LIVING DE VARDE, was born between 1099/1100 and 1246, and died between 1159 and 1356. [1]
+5i.SIR SIMON5 DE VARDE, b. before 1260[1]; d. after 1260[1].

Generation Five

5. SIR SIMON5 DE VARDE (William4, Simon3, William2, Osbert1), son of (4) William4 DE VARDE, was born before 1260[1], and died between 1260 and 1370[1]. [1]
Made Sir Simon 1260, by Henry III.[1]
+6i.SIR SIMON6 DE VARDE, b. about 1300.

Generation Six

6. SIR SIMON6 DE VARDE (Simon5, William4, Simon3, William2, Osbert1), son of (5) Sir Simon5, was born between 1189/90 and 1320, and died between 1249 and 1430. [1]
7i.SIR JOHN7 DE VARDE, b. before 1350[1]; d. after 1350[1].

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