Section ARM: Descendants of Osbert de Varde

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Generation One

1. OSBERT1 DE VARDE of Givendale, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom was born before 1130[1], and died between 1130 and 1240[1]. [1]
+2i.WILLIAM2 DE VARDE of Givendale, b. before 1150[1]; d. after 1150[1].

Generation Two

2. WILLIAM2 DE VARDE (Osbert1) of Givendale, son of (1) Osbert1 DE VARDE, was born before 1150[1], and died between 1150 and 1260[1]. [1]
+3i.SIMON3 DE VARDE, b. about 1150/1; m. LIVING.

Generation Three

3. SIMON3 DE VARDE (William2, Osbert1), son of (2) William2 DE VARDE, was born between 1063/4 and 1210, and died between 1077/8 and 1320. He married LIVING. [1]
"Founded Escholst Priory the end of the Twelfth Century."[1]
+4i.WILLIAM4 DE VARDE of Givendale, b. about 1200[1].

Generation Four

4. WILLIAM4 DE VARDE (Simon3, William2, Osbert1) of Givendale, son of (3) Simon3 and LIVING DE VARDE, was born between 1099/1100 and 1246, and died between 1159 and 1356. [1]
+5i.SIR SIMON5 DE VARDE, b. before 1260[1]; d. after 1260[1].

Generation Five

5. SIR SIMON5 DE VARDE (William4, Simon3, William2, Osbert1), son of (4) William4 DE VARDE, was born before 1260[1], and died between 1260 and 1370[1]. [1]
Made Sir Simon 1260, by Henry III.[1]
+6i.SIR SIMON6 DE VARDE, b. about 1300.

Generation Six

6. SIR SIMON6 DE VARDE (Simon5, William4, Simon3, William2, Osbert1), son of (5) Sir Simon5, was born between 1189/90 and 1320, and died between 1249 and 1430. [1]
7i.SIR JOHN7 DE VARDE, b. before 1350[1]; d. after 1350[1].

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