Section ARP: Descendants of Johann Michael Waker

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Generation One

1. JOHANN MICHAEL1 WAKER was born between 1712 and 1758, and died between 1771 and 1868. He married MARGARETHA ELSAESSER.
+2i.JUNG JACOB2 WAKER, b. on 17 Nov. 1772 in Moehringen, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg, Germany; d. on 7 July 1854; m. on 17 Nov. 1795 in Moehringen (NC-33) ANNA MARIA THALER, b. in Vaihingen Fildern, Neckarkreis on 2 March 1774, d. in Moehringen on 28 Aug. 1835, daughter of (NC-14) Friedrich and (PI-2) Anna Maria (ELSAESSER) THALER.

Generation Two

2. JUNG JACOB2 WAKER (Johann Michael1), son of (1) Johann Michael1 and Margaretha (ELSAESSER) WAKER, was born on 17 Nov. 1772 in Moehringen, and died on 7 July 1854. He married in Moehringen, on 17 Nov. 1795, (NC-33) ANNA MARIA THALER, daughter of (NC-14) Friedrich and (PI-2) Anna Maria (ELSAESSER) THALER, who was born on 2 March 1774 in Vaihingen Fildern, was christened in 1787, and died on 28 Aug. 1835 in Moehringen.
3i.CATHARINA3 WAKER, b. on 9 Sept. 1790 in Moehringen; d. on 18 May 1797 in Moehringen.
4ii.JACOB WAKER, b. on 23 July 1798 in Moehringen.
5iii.CATHARINA MARGARETHA WAKER, b. on 25 Oct. 1799 in Moehringen.
6iv.MICHAEL WAKER, b. on 21 Sept. 1802 in Moehringen; d. on 4 Feb. 1803 in Moehringen.
7v.FRIEDRICH WAKER, b. on 7 Feb. 1804 in Moehringen; d. on 8 Feb. 1804 in Moehringen.
8vi.CHRISTINA WAKER, b. on 8 June 1808 in Moehringen.
9vii.DAVID WAKER, b. on 30 Sept. 1810 in Moehringen; d. in 1810 in Moehringen.
10viii.STILLBORN WAKER, b. about 1810.
11ix.STILLBORN WAKER, b. about 1810.
12x.MAGDALENA WAKER, b. in 1812 in Moehringen; d. in 1812 in Moehringen.
13xi.ANNA MARIA WAKER, b. on 24 Jan. 1813 in Moehringen.