Section AHX: Descendants of Peter Prouz

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Generation One

1. PETER1 PROUZ of Eastervale, Devonshire, England, United Kingdom has an unknown birthdate. He married (AIT-3) MARY DE VERNON, daughter of (AIT-2) William, 5th Earl of Devon and (AM-50) Maud (de BEAUMONT).

Generation Two

2. WILLIAM2 PROUZ (Peter1), son of (1) Peter1 and (AIT-3) Mary (de VERNON) (DE COURTENAY) PROUZ, has an unknown birthdate.
+3i.WALTER3 PROUZ, m. (OD-2) UNKNOWN DINHAM, daughter of (OD-1) Baron.

Generation Three

3. WALTER3 PROUZ (William2, Peter1), son of (2) William2 PROUZ, has an unknown birthdate. He married (OD-2) UNKNOWN DINHAM, daughter of (OD-1) Baron.
+4i.WILLIAM4 PROUZ, b. about 1150/1; m. (RW-2) UNKNOWN DE GIDLEY, daughter of (RW-1) Giles DE GIDLEY.

Generation Four

4. WILLIAM4 PROUZ (Walter3, William2, Peter1), son of (3) Walter3 and (OD-2) unknown (DINHAM) PROUZ, was born between 999/1000 and 1256, and died between 1059/60 and 1366. He married (RW-2) UNKNOWN DE GIDLEY, daughter of (RW-1) Giles DE GIDLEY.
+5i.SIR WILLIAM5 LE PROUZ of Gidley, Devonshire, b. about 1220; d. before 21 Oct. 1270[1]; m. (1) ALICE DE WIDWORTHY, d. before 1250[1]; m. (2) (PV-2) ALICE FERRERS, daughter of (PV-1) Fulk, (Sir).

Generation Five

5. SIR WILLIAM5 LE PROUZ (William4, Walter3, William2, Peter1) of Gidley, son of (4) William4 and (RW-2) unknown (de GIDLEY) PROUZ, was born between 1174/5 and 1236, and died between 1188 and 21 Oct. 1270[1]. He married (1st) ALICE DE WIDWORTHY, who died before 1250[1]. He married (2nd) (PV-2) ALICE FERRERS, daughter of (PV-1) Fulk, (Sir). [2, 5, 1]
Weis says the earlier generations of Prouz are not clear.[1]
Child of: Sir William5 le PROUZ and Alice de WIDWORTHY:
+6i.SIR WILLIAM6 LE PROUZ of Orton, Devonshire, b. about 1245; d. before 26 April 1316[1]; m. before 1275[1] (AIO-2) ALICE DE REIGNY, d. after 1318[1], daughter of (AIO-1) John DE REIGNY.

Generation Six

6. SIR WILLIAM6 LE PROUZ (William5, William4, Walter3, William2, Peter1) of Orton, son of (5) Sir William5 and Alice (de WIDWORTHY), was born about 1245, and died between 1138 and 26 April 1316[1]. He married before 1275[1], (AIO-2) ALICE DE REIGNY, daughter of (AIO-1) John DE REIGNY, who died after 1318[1]. [3, 5, 1]
+7i.ALICE7 PROUZ, b. about 1280; m. (ACY-2) ROGER DE MOELS, d. in 1324[1], son of (ACY-1) Sir Roger.

Generation Seven

7. ALICE7 PROUZ (William6, William5, William4, Walter3, William2, Peter1), daughter of (6) Sir William6 and (AIO-2) Alice (de REIGNY), was born between 1248/9 and 1302, and died between 1296 and 1412. She married (ACY-2) ROGER DE MOELS, son of (ACY-1) Sir Roger, who died in 1324[1]. [4, 5]
Child: See (ACY-2) Roger de MOELS

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