Section ATA: Descendants of Patrick Whyte

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Generation One

1. PATRICK1 WHYTE of Malaffin was born between 1459/60 and 1526, and died between 1519 and 1636. He married (AMO-2) ALISON ST. LAWRENCE, daughter of (AMO-1) Nicholas, Lord Howth and (AHF-2) Janet (PLUNKET). [1, 2]
+2i.MARGARET2 WHYTE of Dublin, Dublin, Ireland, b. about 1530; m. about 1547 Of Celbridge, Kildare, Ireland (RB-1) WALTER FORSTER of Dublin, Dublin, Ireland, b. about 1526.

Generation Two

2. MARGARET2 WHYTE (Patrick1) of Dublin, Dublin, Ireland, daughter of (1) Patrick1 and (AMO-2) Alison (ST. LAWRENCE) WHYTE, was born about 1530, and died between 1545 and 1650. She married Of Celbridge, about 1547, (RB-1) WALTER FORSTER of Dublin, Dublin, Ireland, who was born about 1526. [1, 2, 3]
Child: See (RB-1) Walter FORSTER

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