Section RB: Descendants of Walter Forster

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Generation One

1. WALTER1 FORSTER of Dublin, Dublin, Ireland was born about 1526, and died between 1544 and 1646. He married Of Celbridge, Kildare, Ireland, about 1547, (ATA-2) MARGARET WHYTE of Dublin, Dublin, Ireland, daughter of (ATA-1) Patrick and (AMO-2) Alison (ST. LAWRENCE) WHYTE, who was born about 1530. [1, 2, 3]
+2i.MARGARET2 FORSTER Of Celbridge, b. about 1555; d. about 21 June 1597 in Dublin, Dublin, Ireland; m. about 1577 (OS-3) SIR JOHN DUNGAN, b. in Dublin, Dublin, Ireland about 1554, d. in Dublin, Dublin, Ireland on 8 Aug. 1592, son of (OS-1) Patrick and _____ (WOGAN) DUNGAN.

Generation Two

2. MARGARET2 FORSTER (Walter1) Of Celbridge, daughter of (1) Walter1 and (ATA-2) Margaret (WHYTE) FORSTER, was born about 1555, died between 21 April 1597 and 21 Aug. 1597 in Dublin, Dublin, Ireland and was buried on 21 June 1597 in Dublin, Dublin, Ireland. She married about 1577, (OS-3) SIR JOHN DUNGAN, son of (OS-1) Patrick and _____ (WOGAN) DUNGAN, who was born about 1554 in Dublin, Dublin, Ireland, died on 8 Aug. 1592 in Dublin, Dublin, Ireland, and was buried in Aug. 1592 in Dublin, Dublin, Ireland. [1, 2, 3]
Children: See (OS-3) Sir John DUNGAN

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