Section ZG: Descendants of Sir John Lewknor

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Generation One

1. SIR JOHN1 LEWKNOR of Goring, Sussex, England, United Kingdom was born between 1356/7 and 1513, and died between 1416/7 and 1623. He married JONNA HALSHAM. [2]
The pedigree of Sir John Lewknor furnishes a list of ten knights in lineal succession from Sir Nicholas (see Vincent's "Sussex," Coll. of Arms). The Lewknors were entitled to quarter the arms of Dalyngruge, Tregoz, Folyott, Camoys, Bardolph, Grandison, Echingham, Braose, Hussey, D'Oyley, Goring, Poynings, and Halsham.[2]
+2i.SYBIL2 LEWKNOR, b. about 1460; d. in 1527[2]; m. (CX-20) SIR WILLIAM SCOTT of Brabourne, Kent, England, b. in 1459[2], d. on 24 Aug. 1524[2], son of (CX-19) Sir John and (EH-2) Agnes (BEAUFITZ).

Generation Two

2. SYBIL2 LEWKNOR (John1), daughter of (1) Sir John1 and Jonna (HALSHAM), was born between 1416 and 1510, and died in 1527[2]. She married (CX-20) SIR WILLIAM SCOTT of Brabourne, son of (CX-19) Sir John and (EH-2) Agnes (BEAUFITZ), who was born in 1459[2], died on 24 Aug. 1524[2], and was buried in Brabourne[2]. [2, 1]
By the marriage of Sybilla Lewknor (whose mother, Jonna Halsham was sole heiress of her uncle, Sir Hugh) the Scotts derive a descent from De Valence, Comyn, Baliol Athol, and Strathbolgis.[2]
Child: See (CX-20) Sir William SCOTT

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