Section VO: Descendants of Charles Howard, Earl

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Generation One

1. CHARLES1 HOWARD, EARL of Nottingham, England, United Kingdom was born between 1395/6 and 1588, and died between 1505/6 and 1698. He married KATHERINE CAREY, who died in 1602. [1]
Earl of Nottingham, Lord High Admiral of England who vanquished the Spanish Armada. (R&E)

Also need to check p69 of Faris' "Plantagenet Ancestry".
(It is not in Turton's, and Richardson's of the same name goes down only to Henry.)
shows the line:
1. Eleanor Beaufort (1425-1501) m. Robert Spencer
2. Margaret/Eleanor Spencer (1468?-1501) m. Thomas Carey
3. William Carey (1492-1528) m. Mary Boleyn
4. Henry Carey (1525-1596) m. Anne Morgan
5. Katherine Carey (?-1602) m. Charles Howard
6. Mary Howard (1553-1624) m. William Scott
7. Henry Scott (1560-1624) m. Martha Whatlock
8. Thomas Scott (1594?-1643) m. Elizabeth Strutt
9. Elizabeth Scott (1623-1691) m. John Loomis (1622-1688), immigrant
(This lineage has almost impossible chronology.)
2i.LADY MARY2 HOWARD, b. about 1550/1; m. (CX-24) SIR WILLIAM SCOTT, son of (CX-23) Sir Thomas and (CZ-2) Elizabeth (BAKER).

1. Ruth Ellsworth Richardson, Samuel Richardson, 1602-1658 and Josiah Ellsworth, 1629-1689, some descendants (Eugene, Oregon?: R.E. Richardson, 1974), 705.