Section MN: Descendants of _____ Crepon

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Generation One

1. _____ CREPON was born between 860/1 and 1017, and died between 920/1 and 1127. [9, 4]
+2i.HERPHASTE2 DE CREPON, b. about 950/1.
+3ii.GUNNORA DE CREPON, b. about 970; d. in 1031[5]; m. (Q-10) DUKE RICHARD I "THE FEARLESS" OF NORMANDY of Normandy, France, b. about 933[1, 9], d. on 21 Nov. 996[9], son of (Q-8) William I "Longsword", 2nd Duke of Normandy and Sprota (de SENLIS).

Generation Two

2. HERPHASTE2 DE CREPON (_____1), son of (1) _____ CREPON, was born between 864/5 and 1021, and died between 924/5 and 1131. [4, 9]
+4i.OSBORNE3 DE CREPON, b. about 1000; d. in 1035[4]; m. ALBERADE DE BAYEUX.
3. GUNNORA2 DE CREPON (_____1), daughter of (1) _____ CREPON, was born between 946/7 and 982, and died in 1031[5]. She married (Q-10) DUKE RICHARD I "THE FEARLESS" OF NORMANDY of Normandy, son of (Q-8) William I "Longsword", 2nd Duke of Normandy and Sprota (de SENLIS), who was born about 933[1, 9], and died on 21 Nov. 996[9]. [6, 9, 5]
Children: See (Q-10) Duke Richard I "the Fearless" of NORMANDY

Generation Three

4. OSBORNE3 DE CREPON (Herphaste2, _____1), son of (2) Herphaste2 DE CREPON, was born between 924 and 1021, and died in 1035[4]. He married ALBERADE DE BAYEUX. [4, 9]
+5i.WILLIAM4 FITZ OSBERN, EARL OF HEREFORD, b. before 1066; d. in 1071[4]; m. ADELIZA DE TONI, d. in 1066[3].

Generation Four

5. WILLIAM4 FITZ OSBERN, EARL OF HEREFORD (Osborne de CREPON3, Herphaste2, _____1), son of (4) Osborne3 and Alberade (de BAYEUX) DE CREPON, was born before 1066, and died in 1071[4]. He married ADELIZA DE TONI, who died in 1066[3]. [2, 4, 8, 9]
a Companion of William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings, 1066, Earl of
+6i.EMMA5 FITZ OSBERN, b. about 1082[10]; m. in 1074[4] (US-2) RALPH I DE GAEL, 1ST EARL OF NORFOLK, son of (US-1) Ralph, Earl of Hereford.

Generation Five

6. EMMA5 FITZ OSBERN (William4, Osborne de CREPON3, Herphaste2, _____1), daughter of (5) William4, Earl of Hereford and Adeliza (de TONI), was born about 1082[10], and died between 1074 and 1170. She married in 1074[4], (US-2) RALPH I DE GAEL, 1ST EARL OF NORFOLK, son of (US-1) Ralph, Earl of Hereford. [2, 4, 7, 10]
Child: See (US-2) Ralph I de GAEL, 1st Earl of Norfolk

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