Section ED: Descendants of William Baxter

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Generation One

1. WILLIAM1 BAXTER was born between 1520 and 1547, and was buried on 9 May 1583[1]. He married (1st) on 30 June 1561[1], MARGARET BUTLER, who was buried on 17 May 1578[1]. He married (2nd) on 21 July 1578[1], ALICE GRENOT, who died after 16 Oct. 1587. [1]
In his will dated 1 May 1583 William Baxter calls himself a "Citizine and
marchaunt tailer of London".
[Long will contents... see cy. of TAG v.57, p.2-4]
Children of: William1 BAXTER and Margaret BUTLER:
2i.ELIZABETH2 BAXTER, b. about 1562.
3ii.LUKE BAXTER, bp. on 8 Aug. 1563 in St. Thomas, London, England, United Kingdom.
4iii.JOHN BAXTER, bp. on 30 July 1564 in St. Thomas; bur. on 17 March 1568 in St. Mary Bothaw, London.
5iv.BASIL BAXTER, bp. on 5 Aug. 1565 in St. Thomas.
6v.HENRY BAXTER, bp. on 22 Sept. 1567 in St. Thomas; bur. on 3 March 1578 in St. Mary Bothaw.
7vi.GRACE BAXTER, b. on 20 March 1569 in St. Mary Bothaw; d. in 1660.
8vii.SARAH BAXTER, bp. on 23 Sept. 1571 in St. Mary Bothaw.
9viii.WILLIAM BAXTER, bp. on 20 Sept. 1573 in St. Mary Bothaw; bur. on 20 April 1578 in St. Mary Bothaw.
+10ix.SUSANNA BAXTER, bp. on 22 April 1575[3] in St. Mary Bothaw[3]; m. on 5 July 1596[5] in London, London, England[5] (SK-1) ZACHARY GOODYEAR, b. about 1573.
11x.ELLEN BAXTER, bp. on 20 Nov. 1576 in St. Mary Bothaw, London, England.

Child of: William1 BAXTER and Alice GRENOT:
12i.SARA2 BAXTER, bp. on 8 May 1580 in St. Mary Bothaw, London, England.
Prindle lists Sara as a daughter of William Baxter's first wife, Margaret Butler. However, he states that Margaret was buried 17 May 1578, and Sara was bapt. 8 May 1580. Hence, I have listed her as a daughter of Alice (Grenot) instead.[2]

Generation Two

10. SUSANNA2 BAXTER (William1), daughter of (1) William1 and Margaret (BUTLER) BAXTER, was born about 1575, and was christened on 22 April 1575[3] in St. Mary Bothaw, London, England[3], and died between 26 Dec. 1599 and 1685. She married in London, London, England[5], on 5 July 1596[5], (SK-1) ZACHARY GOODYEAR, who was born about 1573, was buried on 26 July 1613[1] in St. Gregory's, London, England[1]. [3, 4]
Children: See (SK-1) Zachary GOODYEAR

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