Section ACS: Descendants of Daniel Miller

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Generation One

1. DANIEL1 MILLER was born between 1641/2 and 1688, and died between 1701 and 1798. [2]
+2i.ELISHEBA2 MILLER, b. in 1702[3]; d. on 26 March 1786[3] in East Hampton, Suffolk Co., New York, United States[3]; m. on 14 May 1724[1] (AKN-19) JACOB SCHELLINGER III, chr. in East Hampton[1] on 18 Jan. 1702/3[1], d. on 10 Jan. 1753[1], son of (AKN-12) Jacob and (DA-4) Hannah (BAKER) SCHELLINGER.

Generation Two

2. ELISHEBA2 MILLER (Daniel1), daughter of (1) Daniel1 MILLER, was born in 1702[3], and died on 26 March 1786[3] in East Hampton[3]. She married on 14 May 1724[1], (AKN-19) JACOB SCHELLINGER III, son of (AKN-12) Jacob and (DA-4) Hannah (BAKER) SCHELLINGER, who was born on 22 Nov. 1701[1] in East Hampton[4], was christened on 18 Jan. 1702/3[1] in East Hampton[1], and died on 10 Jan. 1753[1]. [3]
Child: See (AKN-19) Jacob SCHELLINGER III

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