Section AJH: Descendants of Count Walbert of Ringelheim

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Generation One

1. COUNT WALBERT1 OF RINGELHEIM was born between 745 and 842, and died in 856[3]. He married ALTBURGIS _____. [3]
+2i.COUNT REGINHERT2 OF RINGELHEIM, b. about 810/1; d. about 850/1; m. MATILDA _____.

Generation Two

2. COUNT REGINHERT2 OF RINGELHEIM (Walbert1), son of (1) Count Walbert1 and Altburgis (_____), was born between 759/60 and 857, and died between 773/4 and 966. He married MATILDA _____. [3]
+3i.COUNT DIETRICH3 OF RINGELHEIM of Ringelheim, b. in of Ringelheim; d. in .

Generation Three

3. COUNT DIETRICH3 OF RINGELHEIM (Reginhert2, Walbert1) of Ringelheim, son of (2) Count Reginhert2 and Matilda (_____), has an unknown birthdate. [1, 3]
+4i.MECHTILDE4 OF RINGELHEIM of Ringelheim, b. about 890 of Ringelheim; d. about 960; m. (AKN-3) HENRY I THE FOWLER OF SAXONY, b. in 876, d. in Memleben on 2 July 936, son of (AKN-2) Duke Otto the Illustrious and Hedwig (_____).

Generation Four

4. MECHTILDE4 OF RINGELHEIM (Dietrich3, Reginhert2, Walbert1) of Ringelheim, daughter of (3) Count Dietrich3, was born between 857 and 898, and died between 23 Nov. 912 and 1008. She married (AKN-3) HENRY I THE FOWLER OF SAXONY, son of (AKN-2) Duke Otto the Illustrious and Hedwig (_____), who was born in 876, and died on 2 July 936 in Memleben. [2]
2nd wife
Children: See (AKN-3) Henry I the Fowler of SAXONY

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