Section AAH: Descendants of William Ludlowe

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Generation One

1. WILLIAM1 LUDLOWE of Hill Deverill, Wiltshire, England, United Kingdom was born about 1397[4], died on 22 Dec. 1478[4] and was buried in St. Thomas a Becket, Salisbury, Wiltshire[5]. He married (AIU-2) MARGARET REYMER, daughter of (AIU-1) William and (ARZ-2) _____ (WARNELL) REYMER, who was born about 1403[4], and died in St. Thomas a Becket[4]. [5, 6, 4]
He was a member of Parliament for Ludgershall, Wilts., and was Butler to Kings Henry IV, Henry V, & Henry VI. [4, 5]
+2i.JOHN2 LUDLOWE of Salisbury, b. about 1425[4]; d. on 10 Dec. 1487[4]; m. about 1455[4] (AJR-2) LORA RINGWOOD, b. about 1430[4], daughter of (AJR-1) Thomas and (PZ-13) Isabel (FETTIPLACE) RYNGEWODE.
3ii.MARGARET LUDLOWE, b. about 1440/1; m. JOHN ERLEY.
4iii.JOAN LUDLOWE, b. about 1440/1; m. JOHN NORWOOD.
5iv.MARY LUDLOWE, b. about 1440/1; m. WILLIAM SONDERS.
6v.MARGERY LUDLOWE, b. about 1440/1; m. WILLIAM EARLE.
7vi.JOHANNA LUDLOWE, b. about 1440/1; m. ROBERT DYNELLY.

Generation Two

2. JOHN2 LUDLOWE (William1) of Salisbury, son of (1) William1 and (AIU-2) Margaret (REYMER) LUDLOWE, was born about 1425[4], died on 10 Dec. 1487[4] and was buried in St. Thomas a Becket[4]. He married about 1455[4], (AJR-2) LORA RINGWOOD, daughter of (AJR-1) Thomas and (PZ-13) Isabel (FETTIPLACE) RYNGEWODE, who was born about 1430[4]. [3, 5, 6, 4]
+8i.JOHN3 LUDLOWE, b. about 1455[2]; d. after 6 Oct. 1519[2]; m. before 1485 (IA-2) PHILIPPA BULSTRODE, b. about 1460[2], d. on 14 Nov. 1519[2], daughter of (IA-1) William and Joan (FRANKLIN) BULSTRODE.
9ii.ELIZABETH LUDLOWE, b. about 1460/1; m. ROBERT BAYNARD.

Generation Three

8. JOHN3 LUDLOWE (John2, William1), son of (2) John2 and (AJR-2) Lora (RINGWOOD) LUDLOWE, was born about 1455[2], died between 6 Oct. 1519 and 14 Nov. 1519[2] and was buried in 1519[4] in Hill Deverill[4]. He married before 1485, (IA-2) PHILIPPA BULSTRODE, daughter of (IA-1) William and Joan (FRANKLIN) BULSTRODE, who was born about 1460[2], and died on 14 Nov. 1519[2]. [2, 5, 6, 4]
10i.WILLIAM4 LUDLOWE, b. about 1485[4]; d. before 6 May 1533[2]; m. about 1515[4] JANE MOORE, b. about 1491[2], d. in 1563[2].
11ii.EDWARD LUDLOWE, b. about 1490/1.
+12iii.DOROTHY LUDLOWE, b. about 1500[1]; m. (VM-2) WILLIAM HORSEY of Binghams, Netherbury, Dorset, England, b. about 1500[1], son of (VM-1) John and Isabell (HUSSEY) HORSEY.

Generation Four

12. DOROTHY4 LUDLOWE (John3, John2, William1), daughter of (8) John3 and (IA-2) Philippa (BULSTRODE) LUDLOWE, was born about 1500[1], and died between 1503/4 and 1620. She married (VM-2) WILLIAM HORSEY of Binghams, son of (VM-1) John and Isabell (HUSSEY) HORSEY, who was born about 1500[1]. [4, 1]
Marshall shows Dorothy's parents, but with no source information. Call shows no parents, so better source information here is needed.
Child: See (VM-2) William HORSEY

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