Section AJL: Descendants of John Roote

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Generation One

1. JOHN1 ROOTE of Badby, Northamptonshire, England, United Kingdom was born between 1546/7 and 1592/3, and died between 1606 and 1702/3. He married MARY ANN RUSSELL. [2, 1]
+2i.JOHN2 ROOTE, b. on 26 Feb. 1606/7[2] in Badby[2]; d. on 16 Aug. 1684[2] in Farmington, Hartford Co., Connecticut, United States[2]; m. about 1640[2] in Farmington[2] (XQ-4) MARY KILBOURNE, b. in Wood Ditton, Cambridge, England[2] on 12 May 1619[2], d. in Farmington[2, 1] in 1697[2, 1], daughter of (XQ-1) Thomas and Frances (MOODY) KILBOURNE.

Generation Two

2. JOHN2 ROOTE (John1), son of (1) John1 and Mary Ann (RUSSELL) ROOTE, was born on 26 Feb. 1606/7[2] in Badby[2], and died on 16 Aug. 1684[2] in Farmington[2]. He married in Farmington[2], about 1640[2], (XQ-4) MARY KILBOURNE, daughter of (XQ-1) Thomas and Frances (MOODY) KILBOURNE, who was born on 12 May 1619[2] in Wood Ditton[2], and died in 1697[2, 1] in Farmington[2, 1]. [2, 1, 3]
+3i.MARY3 ROOTE, b. on 6 Aug. 1650 in Farmington; d. on 13 June 1701 in Waterbury, Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut; m. in 1669 in Farmington (HN-3) ISAAC BRONSON, b. in Farmington[4] in Nov. 1645[4], d. in Waterbury, New Haven Co.[3] on 19 Feb. 1719/20[3], son of (HN-2) John and (UZ-2) Frances (HILLS) BRONSON.

Generation Three

3. MARY3 ROOTE (John2, John1), daughter of (2) John2 and (XQ-4) Mary (KILBOURNE) ROOTE, was born on 6 Aug. 1650 in Farmington, and died on 13 June 1701 in Waterbury, Waterbury, New Haven Co. She married in Farmington, in 1669, (HN-3) ISAAC BRONSON, son of (HN-2) John and (UZ-2) Frances (HILLS) BRONSON, who was born in Nov. 1645[4] in Farmington[4], was christened on 7 Dec. 1645[6] in Hartford, Hartford Co.[6], and died on 19 Feb. 1719/20[3] in Waterbury, New Haven Co.[3]. [7, 3, 5]
Children: See (HN-3) Isaac BRONSON

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