Section ASB: Descendants of Andrew Warner

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Generation One

1. ANDREW1 WARNER of Hatfield Broadoak, Essex, England, United Kingdom was born before 1599[5], and died on 18 Dec. 1684[6] in Hadley, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts, United States[6]. He married (1st) in Thaxted, Essex[6], on 5 Oct. 1624[6], (VW-2) MARY HUMFREY, daughter of (VW-1) Robert and Ann (HOLLAND) HUMFREY, who was christened on 13 Feb. 1602/3[6] in Thaxted[6], and died before 1657[6]. He married (2nd) (ARO-51) ESTHER WAKEMAN, daughter of (ARO-39) Francis and (SH-2) Anne (GOODE) WAKEMAN, who was born in Bewdley, Ribbesford Parish, Worcestershire, England, was christened on 15 June 1617 in Bewdley, and died in March 1693[6] in Hadley[6]. [5, 6]
Children of: Andrew1 WARNER and Mary HUMFREY:
+2i.JOHN2 WARNER, b. about 1625[6] in England[1]; d. in 1679[1]; m. in 1649[1, 6] in Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut, United States[1, 6] (AFA-2) ANN NORTON, daughter of (AFA-1) Thomas NORTON.
3ii.MARY WARNER, b. about 1626[6].
4iii.ANDREW WARNER, b. about 1628[6].
5iv.ROBERT WARNER, b. about 1630[6].
6v.HANNAH WARNER, b. about 1635[7].
7vi.RUTH WARNER, b. about 1641[7].
8vii.DANIEL WARNER, b. about 1642[7].
9viii.ISAAC WARNER, b. about 1644[7].

Child of: Andrew1 WARNER and Esther WAKEMAN:
10i.JACOB2 WARNER, b. about 1658[7].

Generation Two

2. JOHN2 WARNER (Andrew1), son of (1) Andrew1 and (VW-2) Mary (HUMFREY) WARNER, was born about 1625[6] in England[1], and died in 1679[1]. He married in Hartford[1, 6], in 1649[1, 6], (AFA-2) ANN NORTON, daughter of (AFA-1) Thomas NORTON. [2, 1, 6]
11i.JOHN3 WARNER, b. on 26 Sept. 1649 in Hadley; d. on 21 Jan. 1723 in Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut.
12ii.DANIEL WARNER, b. on 16 April 1660 in Ipswich, Essex; d. on 8 June 1660 in Ispwich, Essex.
+13iii.THOMAS WARNER, b. in 1654 in Waterbury; d. on 24 Nov. 1714[2] in Waterbury[2]; m. ELIZABETH _____ of Waterbury, b. about 1658.
14iv.SARAH WARNER, b. on 15 March 1656 in Waterbury; d. before 1720.

Generation Three

13. THOMAS3 WARNER (John2, Andrew1), son of (2) John2 and (AFA-2) Ann (NORTON) WARNER, was born in 1654 in Waterbury, was christened on 16 May 1658 in Farmington, Hartford Co., and died on 24 Nov. 1714[2] in Waterbury[2]. He married ELIZABETH _____ of Waterbury, who was born about 1658. [8, 2]
16ii.BENJAMIN WARNER of Waterbury, b. about 1677[2]; d. on 28 Dec. 1764[8] in New Haven, Hamden, Connecticut[8].
17iii.a child WARNER of Waterbury, b. about 1679[3].
18iv.JOHN WARNER, b. on 6 March 1680/1[3] in Waterbury[3].
19v.MARY WARNER, b. on 9 Dec. 1682[3] in Waterbury[3]; d. on 7 June 1705[3] in Waterbury[3].
20vi.MARTHA WARNER, b. on 1 April 1684[3] in Waterbury[3].
21vii.THOMAS WARNER, b. on 28 Oct. 1687[3] in Waterbury[3]; d. on 24 Nov. 1714[8] in Waterbury[8].
22viii.SAMUEL WARNER, b. on 16 March 1690[3] in Waterbury[3]; d. in 1741[3].
+23ix.MARGARET WARNER, b. on 16 March 1693[3] in Waterbury[3]; d. on 27 June 1749[3] in Waterbury[3]; m. on 21 April 1715[3] in Waterbury[3] (AIY-2) EBENEZER RICHARDSON, b. in Farmington on 4 Feb. 1689, d. in Connecticut on 30 June 1772, son of (AIY-1) Thomas and Mary (SENIOR) RICHARDSON.

Generation Four

23. MARGARET4 WARNER (Thomas3, John2, Andrew1), daughter of (13) Thomas3 and Elizabeth (_____) WARNER, was born on 16 March 1693[3] in Waterbury[3], and died on 27 June 1749[3] in Waterbury[3]. She married in Waterbury[3], on 21 April 1715[3], (AIY-2) EBENEZER RICHARDSON, son of (AIY-1) Thomas and Mary (SENIOR) RICHARDSON, who was born on 4 Feb. 1689 in Farmington, and died on 30 June 1772 in Connecticut. [3, 4]
Children: See (AIY-2) Ebenezer RICHARDSON

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