Section RF: Descendants of William Wesley Morley

Dave Thaler

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1. WILLIAM WESLEY1 MORLEY was born between 1832 and 1859, and died between 1891 and 1969. He married on 28 May 1873, (EQ-115) SALOME THALER, daughter of (EQ-90) David and (OZ-3) Rosina (MADER) THALER, who was born on 27 Feb. 1851 in Waterloo Twp., Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, and died on 21 March 1921 in Listowel, Ontario.
+2i.JAMES ALEXANDER2, b. on 18 July 1875, d. on 20 Feb. 1955; m. ELSIE FOSTER.
3ii.CLARA LOUISE, b. on 22 July 1877; m. CHARLES ALLEN MITCHELL.
+4iii.EFFIE ADINA, b. on 16 Jan. 1880; m. (DA-1) DAVID BUZZA on 8 July 1907.
6v.CHARLOTTE SALOME, b. on 24 Nov. 1892, d. on 28 Jan. 1958; m. CHARLES KILLICK.

Generation Two

2. JAMES ALEXANDER2 MORLEY (William Wesley1), son of (1) William Wesley1 and (EQ-115) Salome (THALER) MORLEY, was born on 18 July 1875, and died on 20 Feb. 1955. He married ELSIE FOSTER.
7i.HUGH B.3.
+8ii.JOHN F..
4. EFFIE ADINA2 MORLEY (William Wesley1), daughter of (1) William Wesley1 and (EQ-115) Salome (THALER) MORLEY, was born on 16 Jan. 1880, and died between 9 April 1920 and 1990. She married on 8 July 1907, (DA-1) DAVID BUZZA.
Children: See (DA-1) David BUZZA

Generation Three

8. JOHN F.3 MORLEY (James Alexander2, William Wesley1), son of (2) James Alexander2 and Elsie (FOSTER) MORLEY, was born between 1889 and 1935.